A Few Words About Us

From about the age of 5 and forward I've never been without a dog and as an adult there have been rare times without at least one cat. Life today is the same... 2 dogs and 3 cats. They bring a tremendous amount of joy every single day and through their inspiration and antics this shop has been conceived. These little ones become family members, bring unconditional love and then break our hearts when it's time for them to leave this world, leaving us as slightly better people because of them. Many people share that same feeling about their pets and this is one way I can support the love, care and appreciation that's so needed for our animals. I've chosen to approach it from the personality angle, because each of these little beasts definitely are their own character. Stately to senseless, German Shepherd to Shih Tzu, Persian to Siamese... they're endlessly lovable, entertaining and deserve to be celebrated each and everyday. These quilts are meant to be used. Comfort, warmth, bedding, protective cover or all of the above, make it a part of your pet's day and if you don't see something specific you want, let's share some ideas back and forth and find something you do like. Because we proudly make each quilt unique, the colors and prints will change as we rotate our stock, so pop in anytime and look around. You're bound to see something new.  

All quilts are delivered with a good portion of love already in it... all you need to do is add your own with a sprinkle of joy and full cup of smiles.  I hope it will bring you and your four footed friend as much pleasure as I have had in creating it. Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you back again soon!

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to create unique quilts and for that reason we vary our quilts to be one of a kind.  It may be a very subtle difference, but we are committed to providing a quilt that's as special as your dog or cat.